Multilingual User Interface (MUI) in SharePoint 2013

The following are the language packs supported in SharePoint 2013.

Language packs supported in sharepoint 1
Language packs supported in sharepoint 2
Language packs supported in sharepoint 3
Language packs supported in sharepoint 4

Here I will download and install the Arabic language from the Microsoft page.

Download link.


After downloaded the language pack is just mounted into the drive.


Double-click on it then click on setup.exe.


Now agree with the terms and conditions.


Click Next.

Click Next


Now the language package installation is in progress.

language package installation

Click Finish then the installation is successful.

Now the SharePoint 2013 product configuration is shown to upgrade the SharePoint products.

SharePoint products

Click Next then click Yes then IIS has been reset for the entre product configuration wizard running.

product configuration


Click Next then Run the product configuration wizard.


Run product

After the configuration wizard completes.

Now go to Central Administration.

After configuration wizard

central administration

Go to Upgrade and Migration then select Check product and the patch installation status.

Upgrade and Migration

Here we see the language pack has been installed successfully.

see the language pack

Now open the site.

open the site

Click on the setting icon at the right top of the ribbon then seelct Site settings then under Site Administrationthen click Language Settings.

Click on setting

In the Language Settings page select Arabic then click OK.

Language Settings

Language Settings page

Go to the settings in the browser and change the language settings.


Under Advanced settings select the language and input settings.

Select language and input settings

Choose Arabic then click Add.

Click Add

Arabic has a default language

Move Arabic as the default language.


Now refresh the site.

Note: SharePoint 2010 has a select display language option. For 2013 this option has been removed.

The Custom Webparts titles would not be changed. Only the default SharePoint title will be changed.

In the next article I will explain how to change the custom webparts title in both languages.

Regards: Vinodh.N (SharePoint Developer/Administrator)