How to Delete WiFi Profiles in Windows 8.1 Using Command Prompt

In this article we will learn how to delete WiFi profiles in Windows 8.1 using a command prompt.

We are unable to forget this network option in Windows 8.1 when WiFi is not connected. We can also delete a WiFi profile using a command prompt.
 Right-click on Start and click on cmd admin (run command prompt as administrator).
 Use the following command in Winodws 8.1 to see all the WiFi profiles:

 C:\windows\System32\netsh wlan show profiles
Now we need to select a profile to be deleted.
Command: c:\widows\system32\netsh wlan delete profile name=”MCN Solutions”
Now again use this command: c:\windows\system32\netsh wlan show profiles
show profiles 
You will not see the deleted profile.