Disable Windows 8 Data Capture

There are many articles online on this topic, but I am writing this to add more info on the topic, as many have missed more places which can be disabled.

Microsoft released several updates to windows that have added many tracking and data capturing by default. These can be opted out.

For those who do not want to be tracked you can follow the below steps:

(Please note be careful when changing any settings, the writer of this article is not responsible for any harm to your PC.)

  • Uninstall updates

    Uninstall the following updates from windows update: KB 3022345, 3068708, 3075249, and 3080149. (If you don’t want to mess with this, follow below steps).

  • Manually disable

    Go to Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Action Center– change action center settings – customer experience improvement program settings.

    Manually disable

    Then click No and save changes.

    click No and Save Changes

  • Disable location data capture

    Go to Control Panel - All Control Panel Items, Location Settings.

    Then uncheck "Help improve Microsoft location services" and click Apply.

    Disable location data capture

  • Disable Windows store data capture

    Go to Windows Store - Settings, then Preferences- Set the following checkboxes to No.


  • Disable Windows Store Apps data capture

    Go to 'Change PC settings', then Privacy.

    Change PC Setting

    General, then set the following checkboxes to No.

    Select Search and Apps

    Go back to Change PC Settings and select Search and apps – Don’t get personalized results from Bing.


  • Disable smart screen filter
    (Do this only if you use a different browser than Internet Explorer)

    Open Internet Explorer, then Tools – SmartScreen Filter and then Turn off SmartScreen Filter:

    Disable smart screen filter

    Turn off SmartScreen Filter
    (This could lead to a security issue if you don’t have a proper anti-malware software).

    Turn off SmartScreen Filter


Turning of settings is your choice, this article is only for providing information. The writer of this article has nothing against Microsoft or its products.