Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App


On the Windows 8 Start Screen, the mail app is a very important and useful app by which you can check your mail and send mail to your friends. If however you have a Gmail account and you want to check and send mail for the Gmail account in the Mail app then you cannot. When you open the mail app in the Start Screen it's opened by default for Hotmail or Microsoft accounts.
In this article, we are explaining how to add a Gmail account to the Mail app in the Windows 8 Start Screen. By default the mail app opens for Hotmail accounts; if you want to show your Gmail account in the Mail app then you have to add your Gmail account to the mail app.

How to add Gmail to the Windows 8 mail app?

Step 1
Go to the Start Screen and click on the mail app. After opening the mail app, move the cursor to the bottom-right and select "Settings".
Step 2
In the settings window click on "Accounts".
Step 3
In the accounts, window click on "Add accounts" and select Google from the list.
Step 4
Enter your Gmail id and password and click on "Connect" and use the following procedure.
Step 5
After completing this process your Gmail will be shown in the mail app.


In this article, we learned about the Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App.

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