Change Time to Display List of OS at Startup in Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to change the time to display a list of operating system & recovery options in Windows 8. If you have installed multiple operating systems on your computer then you have seen that the Windows boot manager shows a list for a certain period of time so that you can choose the operating system from the list to load.

The default period of time for Windows 8 to display the list of operating systems is 30 seconds for booting. If you don't select another operating system within that time period then the default OS will be started. If you want to change this time period (to display the list of operating systems) then you can change it. For that you have to change the setting in the Advanced system settings.

How to change the time period to display a list of operating systems.

Step 1

Go in My computer and click on the "System Properties" from the Computer tab or right-click on the My Computer icon from the Desktop and select "Properties".


Step 2

The System Properties window will be opened. In the System Properties window click on "Advance System Setting".


Step 3

In this window go to the "Advanced" tab and click on "Setting" from the "Startup and Recovery" option.


Step 4

Startup and Recovery window will be opened that shows the default OS and default time to display the list of operating systems at boot time.


Step 5

In this step if you want to change the default OS then select the OS from the list and change the Default time to display the list of operating systems and click on "OK". In this window you can also change the time to display the Recovery option when needed.


Step 6

Now reboot you computer you will see that the default time to boot the default OS has changed.


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