Add Facebook Account to Windows 8 People App


In this article, we explain how to connect to a Facebook account to people apps in Windows 8. Windows 8 people apps allow you to connect your social account such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to a Windows 8 PC. After connecting a social account to a people app you will see every update on your PC under people apps. To connect a social account to people apps you must have a Microsoft account and people apps must be logged in with this account.

How to connect your Facebook account to people apps?

Step 1
Go to the Start Screen and click on the "People" app.
Step 2
Move the cursor to the right button and select "Settings" from the Charms Bar. From the settings window click on "Accounts".
Step 3
In this step click on "Add an account".
Step 4
Click on Facebook and then click on "Connect".
Step 5
Now login with your Facebook account and follow the procedure.
Step 6
After connecting to your Facebook account the people app will be shown as in the following.


In this article, we learned about  Add Facebook Account to Windows 8 People App.

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