Enable Notifications in Windows 8 Mail App


In this article, we are explaining how to enable Email notification in Windows 8 mail apps. Toast Notification is the new and very useful feature of Windows 8 that displays on the upper right corner of the screen displaying the important event taking place on your computer.
Although not all the apps in Windows 8 support Toast Notifications but Windows 8 Native Mail is one that does support this feature. However, the Mail App supports notifications but it does not display them when you receive a new message in your Email. Although the App updates the live tile with the recent messages but does not display the Toast Notifications. But you can easily configure the mail app to show Toast Notification whenever you receive a new email.

How to enable email notification in Windows 8 mail apps?

Step 1
Go to Windows 8 Start Screen and open the "Mail" app.
Step 2
In mail select "Setting" from the Charms Bar.
Step 3
In the setting tabs click on "Accounts".
Step 4
In this step select an account for which you want to enable notification.
Step 5
Scroll down and find "Show notification for this account" and turn it on. If this feature is not visible then first go to "Permission" from settings and turn on to "Notification" then try again.
Step 6
Now the mail app will show notification for new mail.


In this article, we learned about Enable Notifications in Windows 8 Mail App. 

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