Get Power Option on Start Screen in Windows 8

In this article we are explaining how to get the Power Menu on the Start Screen in Windows 8.

The Windows 8 Start Menu has been removed and replaced by a new feature, the Start Screen. Along with removal of the Start Menu, several other features have also has been removed such as the popular shutdown button in the Start Menu. If you want to shutdown your computer then there is no direct way to shutdown the computer. To shutdown the PC you must go to the charm bar, click on Setting, click on the Power option and then you can shutdown your computer. That is a very long process to shutdown the computer.

In this article we explain how to easily shutdown Windows 8. For that you must use the "SystemPowerOption" tools. System power option is a small tool that provides all power options, such as Shutdown, Restart, Sleep etc. on your Start Screen. Using this tool you can directly shutdown or restart your PC from the Start Screen; you need not go to the Charms Bar and the Settings option.

You can download the System Power shortcuts from this link:

System power shortcuts version

Step 1

First download "SystemPowerShortcutsSetup" and double-click on it to install. Click on the "More option" and then "Run anyway".


Step 2

In this step click on "Next" and follow the installation steps.


Step 3

After installation, go to the Start Screen; you will see all the power option shortcuts.


Step 4

To shutdown the PC click on "Shutdown".