Goal Seek Function in Excel 2013


In this article we are going to explain the Goal Seek function in Excel 2013. Goal Seek is a different technique used to determine an ambiguous number or of which we are not sure. Goal Seek is the best feature of Excel.

Goal Seek function is useful when we dealing with a large number of datasheets and it is uncertan what the second value will be. For example if the answer value is 100 and the first value is 10 then what is will be second value its may be 90, it may be 80. For This type of calculation we use Goal Seek. In other words we can say that the Goal Seek function is used to determine the middle value that is uncertain. If we want to use the Goal Seek function with any calculations then the calculation result must contain an Excel formula. It may be Sum, Avg, Mul etc.

How to use the Goal Seek function in Excel 2013

Step 1

Open a work sheet and select a cell for which we want to use the Goal Seek function.

Before using any one formula must be shown with calculation data.

For example we are using the Average formula in this example and we want to determine if the average value is 75 then what will be the Sub4 value.


Step 2

In the Data tab click on "what If Analysis".


Step 3

From What if Analysis select "Goal Seek".


Step 4

The Goal Seek dialog box will be shown.


Step 5

In Goal Seek dialog box.

In Set cell enter the cell number that contains a formula.

In To Value we enter the value that will change the result of the formula.

In By Changing Cell enter the cell number where we want to get the result.

And click on "OK".


Step 6

The Goal Seek Status dialog box we be shown, click "OK".


Step 7

Finally the result will be displayed.


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