Add Chrome Web Apps to Windows 8 Start Screen


Microsoft has launched Windows 8, the next version of Windows that comes with many new features and many changes. New features like a Charms bar, Metro Start Screen etc. The Metro Start Screen is the best feature of Windows 8 that provides nice big shortcuts for installed applications in your system. The Metro Start Screen not only reserves an area for installed applications in Windows, you can also add web shortcuts to the start screen.

In this article we are going to explain how to add a Chrome web application shortcut to the start screen. Web applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Facebook etc. After adding web shortcuts to the start screen you can easily access this web application from the start screen and you don't need to open a web browser application.

Step 1

Open the Chrome store and add any web application to the Chrome browser.


Step 2

Now go to the Chrome browser and right-click on your application and select "Create Shortcut".


Step 3

An new window will appear. Select the area where you want to create a shortcut and click on "Create".


Step 4

Now go to the Start Screen; the web application shortcuts will be shown. If you want to access a web application then simply click on its shortcut.