How to Add SkyDrive in Send to Menu in Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to add a SkyDrive option in the "Send to" menu. After adding SkyDrive to the send menu you can directly send any important data to SkyDrive by "Send to"; you don't need to open SkyDrive. To send any file to SkyDrive you simply must select the file and click and go to the send option and "Send to" SkyDrive.
SkyDrive is an online storage place that allows you to store and share Up to 7 GB of documents, photos, important files etc. If you want to store a document of more then 7 GB then you must buy space from Microsoft. To store your document to SkyDrive you muste open SkyDrive on your browser with a Microsoft account and add the file to SkyDrive or you have to install SkyDrive on your computer. To access SkyDrive you must have an Email account.
If SkyDrive is not installed in your computer then you have to install SkyDrive on your computer.
You can download SkyDrive from this link:

How to add SkyDrive to the "Send to" menu?

Step 1
Download SkyDrive and install it on your computer.
Step 2
After the process is complete click on "Get started". It will ask for an Email id and Password. Enter your Microsoft Email Id and Password and click on "Sign In".
Step 3
In this step select the destination where you want to install SkyDrive and click on "Next".
Step 4
In this step click on "Done" to complete the installation.
Step 5
In this step go to the containing folder. By default SkyDrive installs in the C:\Users\Username folder.
Step 6
In this step right-click on the SkyDrive icon then choose "create shortcut". After the shortcut is created, copy to SkyDrive short cut.
Step 7
In this step go on run windows and type "Shell:Sendto" and click "OK".
Step 8
The "Send to" folder will be opened where pest the SkyDrive shortcut.
Step 9
Now select any file and go on "Send to". The SkyDrive option will be shown, click on it.
Step 10
Now open your SkyDrive. The Sent file will be shown.


In this article, we learned about How to Add SkyDrive in Send to Menu in Windows 8.