How to Add Videos to Windows 8 Video App


In this article we are explaining how to add and play a video to a video app in Windows 8. Video app is a new feature of Windows 8 by which you can play a video file in Metro style. When you open a video app then no video will play in the video app because there is not a file in the video app library. If you want to play a video file then you have to add a video file to the video app library.

When we add a video file to a video app library then it's added permanently. After adding the media file to the library we can easily access it using the Metro Media Player.

How to add a video to a video app in Windows 8

Step 1

Open "My Computer" and click on "Libraries". In the Libraries window select "Videos".


Step 2

In this step click on "Manage library" from the "Manage" tab.


Step 3

In this step select a video and click on "Add".


Step 4

Select video folder and then click on "Include folder" and then "OK".


Step 5

Now go to the Start Screen and click on a video app. You will get a list of videos. Click on a video to play.