How to Create Protection on Folder in Windows 8


In this article we are going to explain how to protect a folder or file in Windows 8. We create protection for specific files and folders to protect them from unauthorized users.
In Windows 8 there is no direct option to protect specific files and folders. But if you want to create protection of a folder, Windows 8 provides a facility to deny or allow permission for specific users. By this option we can create the permission on the folder for specific users. Permission such as Delete, Edit, Read, Write etc.

Steps to create protection on the folder

Step 1
Select the folder of which you want to create protection and right-click on this folder and select "Properties".
Step 2
The properties windows will open; go to the "Security" tab and select the user for which you want to create permission.
Step 3
In this step click on "Edit"; the "permission for new user" window will be opened.
Step 4
In this window select the user and check the permission that you want to deny and click on "OK".
Step 5
A Windows Security message will be displayed; click "Yes" to continue.
Step 6
Now open the folder and attempt to create a file folder. It will not allow the creation of a file or folder.


In this article, we learned about How to Create Protection on Folder in Windows 8. 

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