How to Disable Synchronization in Windows 8


Microsoft has released Windows 8, a new version of Windows The same as in previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 8 provides Microsoft account interrogation that allows you to share your PC with other Windows 8 PCs. If you sign in using a Microsoft account then you have an option to Synchronize all your settings that will include your internet history, shortcut, application setting, password for various services and many other things with other Windows 8 PCs.

To synchronize your settings, all you need to do is to sign in to the other PC using a Microsoft account and allow the synchronize feature from within the PC's settings. The PC setting synchronize menu lets you choose the personalization elements that you are willing to synchronize. If you desire to disable this setting you can simply create a local account or you can disable synchronizing with a Microsoft account. Either of the two ways, this will disable synchronization for your own user account only. On the other hand, you can use the Local Group Policy Editor if you want to disable the Windows 8 sync feature for all user account holders too. Here, we are explaining the process of disabling synchronization of selected and all supported elements for all users.

How to disable synchronization in Windows 8

Step 1

Go to the Search box and type "gpedit.msc" and click on the icon that appears.


Step 2

A Local Group Policy Editor window will open.


Step 3

In this window go to "Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Sync you Setting".


Step 4

In this step double-click on "Do not Sync" or click on the "Edit Policy Setting" in the right tab.


Step 5

An new window will open. In this window select "Enable" and click on "OK".


Step 6

In this step double-click on "Do not Sync apps settings" or click on "Edit Policy Setting" in the right tab.


Step 7

A new window will open. In this window select "Enable" and click on "OK". From this setting you can change the policy setting of another element that belongs to the "Do not sync app settings" group.


Step 8

Now go to "Sync your settings" from the PC settings. You will see disable all the sync related policy settings and then you wil not be able to change sync settings from the PC settings.



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