How to Install Metro Apps in Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to install or restore Metro applications in Windows 8. You might need to install a Metro application because it has been uninstalled from the Start Screen or you want to install a new Metro application. The installation of a Metro application is totally different from installation of Windows applications because to install a Metro application in Windows 8 there no setup file available like for Windows applications in previous version of Windows. If you want to install a Metro application then you have to use the Windows Store and your PC must have an internet connection.

How to install a Metro application in Windows 8.

Step 1

Press the "Win key" on your keyboard or move the cursor to the "bottom-right" and select "Start" to launch the Start Screen. In this Start Screen some applications do not exist such as Mail, People etc.


Step 2

Launch "Store" from the Start Screen.


Step 3

After launching the Store application right-click and select "Your Apps" in the top-left.


Step 4

Select "All Applications" from the drop down menu to show all Start Screen applications.


Step 5

In this step select the application you want to install and click on "View details" button to show the detail information about the selected application.


Step 6

In this step click on "Install" to install the application. Then wait a few minutes for the application to install.


Step 7

After the application has been installed an application installed message will display in the top-right corner.


Step 8

Now go to the Start Screen; the installed application will be shown.



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