How to Open Windows 8 Start Screen Within Desktop Screen


Windows 8 comes with a new-style Start Screen. It is the best feature of Windows 8 that shows all the Metro Style applications installed on Windows. It is also known as the Metro-Style Start Screen. You can directly open all the installed applications by the Start Screen.
By default, the Start Screen opens maximized but if you want to open the Start Screen in a smaller size within the Desktop screen then you have to use the "Start Menu Modifier" tools. The Start Menu Modifier tools is a small tool that customizes your Start Screen to a specific size and position.
You can download "Start Menu Modifier" from this link:
By default, the Start Screen is shown as in the following.

How to Modify the Start Screen?

Step 1
Download Start Menu Modifier and run the program as administrator.
Step 2
In the Start Menu Modifier window select your position and size and click "Apply".
Step 3
Now open the Start Screen. It will open within the desktop screen.
Step 4
If you want to display the Start Screen in normal mood then you have to set the position to Default.


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