How to Save Document on SkyDrive in Excel 2013


Microsoft has launched Excel 2013 preview that comes with many new features. Of all of them, Save file to SkyDrive is a new feature of Excel 2013. By this feature you can save your Excel document to SkyDrive. SkyDrive is an online storage space that allows you to store and share your important documents, photos and any file on the cloud.
In this article we are explaining how to save your Excel document to SkyDrive. To save an Excel document, SkyDrive must install SkyDrive on your computer. To access SkyDrive you must have a Microsoft Email id and password and Internet connection.

How save an Excel document to SkyDrive?

Step 1
Open your Excel 2013.
Step 2
Now open your document that you want to save to SkyDrive.
Step 3
Go on the File tab and click on "Save as".
Step 4
In this step click on your SkyDrive.
Step 5
In this it will ask for the SkyDrive location. Go to the SkyDrive location and click on "Save".
Step 6
Now go to your SkyDrive using a browser. You will see our saved file in SkyDrive.


In this article, we learned about How to Save Document on SkyDrive in Excel 2013. 

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