How to Set Custom Image on Lock Screen in Windows 8


Windows 8 has many new features, like the Start Screen, Charms Bar, etc. In Windows 8 the Start Menu has been replaced by the Metro Start Screen. The Metro Start Screen is just like the Start Menu in previous versions of Windows but the Start Screen displays all applications using the Metro Style. The Windows 8 Start Screen allows the background color and style to be customized.
Previous versions of Windows only allow the Desktop background image to be changed and if you want to change the lock screen background you can't do that but Windows 8 allows the Desktop background as well as the Start Screen and Lock Screen to be changed. The Windows 8 lock screen also allows the custom image on the lock screen to be set.

How to set a custom image on the lock screen?

Step 1
Move the cursor to the bottom-right and select "Setting".
Step 2
In this step select "Change PC setting".
Step 3
In the Settings window go to the "Personalize" option.
Step 4
In "Personalize" click on "Lock Screen" from the right tab.
Step 5
In this tab, some predefined system images are available that you can select if you want to set your custom image then click on "Browse".
Step 6
A new window will be opened; select the image as you need to.
Step 7
Now go to the lock screen to see the image.


In this article, we learned about How to Set Custom Image on Lock Screen in Windows 8.