Pin Command Prompt to Start Screen in Windows 8


The Metro Start Screen is the best feature of Windows 8 that contains a collection of Metro applications, games and shortcuts for installed applications on the computer like Start Menu in the previous version of Windows. But in Windows 8 using the Start screen we can open an application in Metro Style that is not possible in the Start Menu in previous versions of Windows. The Windows 8 Start screen also provides the ability to add anything to the Start screen such as files, folders, control panel applets, Command Prompt, etc.
In this article, we are explaining how to add or pin the Command Prompt to be "Run as administrator" to the Start screen. To pin the Command Prompt to the Start screen first you have to create a shortcut for the Command Prompt.

How to pin the Command Prompt to the Start screen in Windows 8?

Step 1
Right-click on the Desktop screen and select "Shortcut" from the "New" option.
Step 2
A Create shortcut window will be opened; in this window copy and paste the following path and click on "Next".
Step 3
In this step provide the shortcut name and click on "Finish".
Step 4
A Command Prompt shortcut and the Desktop screen will be shown if you double-click on this shortcut; the "Command Prompt" will be opened.
Step 5
Now right-click on this shortcut and select "Properties".
Step 6
In the Properties window click on "Advanced".
Step 7
In this step check to "Run as Administrator" and click on "OK".
Step 8
Go to the Desktop screen and right-click on the shortcut and select "Pin to start".
Step 9
Now go to the "Start screen"; the Command Prompt will be shown on the Start screen.


In this article, we learned about Pin Command Prompt to Start Screen in Windows 8.