Restrict Store Apps From Other User in Windows 8


In this article we are going to explain how to restrict Windows Store applications from other users in Windows 8. Windows Store is an application in Windows 8 that collects Metro applications and games. Using the Windows Store you can easily download and install applications and games for Windows 8. You don't need to open a browser application to download applications. Download applications and games from the Windows Store requires an email id and password.

But sometimes if you want to disable the Windows Store to not allow access by others to it, Windows 8 provides a facility to disable the Windows Store. After disabling this application if we want to open the Windows Store then the Windows Store cannot be opened and instead the message "Windows Store is not available on this PC. Contact your system Administrator for more information" will be shown.

How to disable the Windows Store.

Step 1

Move cursor to the right-button and click on "Search".


Step 2

In the search box type "gpedit.msc" and click on the application that appears.


Step 3

The "Local Group Policy Editor" window will be opened; in that window click on "Computer configuration".


Step 4

In computer configuration go to "Administrative Templates > Windows components > Store".


Step 5

In this step double-click on "Turn off the Store application" or click on "Policy setting".


Step 6

An new window will be opened; in this window click on "Enable". Click on "OK" and restart your computer to apply this setting.


Step 7

After starting the computer, launch the Windows Store. The Windows Store application will not be started and you will instead get the message "Windows Store is not available on this PC. Contact your system Administrator for more information".