Run Programs in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode


In this article, we are going to explain how to run any program in Windows 8. The main problem of Windows 8 is that some programs cannot be run in Windows 8 or don't work properly because they are not compatible with Windows 8. If you want to run such type of program in Windows 8 then you have to change the Compatibility of the program according to Windows 8.
The Compatibility of Windows 8 is very easy to find. The purpose of using Compatibility mode is to run such a type of program that is not compatible with Windows 8. Normally this type of problem comes with third party software and games and old software and games.

How to run the program in Windows 8 Compatibility mode?

Step 1
Select the program that you want to run and right-click and select "Properties".
Step 2
In the properties, the window goes to the "Compatibility" tab.
Step 3
In this step check "Run this program in Compatibility mode for".
Step 4
In this step select the Compatibility mode of which you want to run the program. For Windows 8 select "Windows 7" Compatibility mode and click on "OK".
Step 5
Now go to your program and right-click and select "Run as Administrator" and follow the instructions.


In this article, we learned about Run Programs in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode.  

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