Turn Off Fast Startup in Windows 8

This article describes how to turn off Fast Startup in Windows 8.


Fast Start up is a new feature in Windows 8 that makes Windows 8 faster and different from previous versions of Windows. The reason of Fast Startup is that when a Windows 8 computer is shutdown, it actually goes into a hibernation state and all the settings and Kernel session are stored in the hiberfil.sys file located in the RAM of your computer and your computer is not completely shutdown. The next time you start your computer it starts faster. Thus startup and shutdown is so easy in Windows 8.

But some Windows 8 users want to completely shutdown the computer because a complete shutdown increases the life of your computer compression to hibernate. To do it you must disable the Fast Startup option in Windows 8.

How to disable Fast Startup in Windows 8

Step 1

Go to Control Panel and click on "Power options".


Step 2

In the power option window click on "Choose what the power button does".


Step 3

In this step click on "Change the settings that are currently unavailable".


Step 4

In this step uncheck "Turn on Fast Startup" and click on "Save changes".


Step 5

Now restart your computer.