About Windows 10 Feature Cortana

What is Cortana

  • Cortana is one of the latest and best new feature in Windows 10. It is a Voice Recognition Self Assistance functionality tool.

  • Cortana includes features related to reaching options such as, gettting weather forecasts, setting reminders, sending emails, finding files, searching the Internet, Calculations, etc.

  • Cortana Application is useful in finding things on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes.

  • Cortana search functionality provides you easy and fast access in reaching the apps more efficiently.

How to get started with Cortana Search

Select the microphone icon and talk to Cortana. For this you need a Mic to talk and get the desired result of your voice search. Else you can type the words that you want to search in Cortana search option as given in the following image on your taskbar.

Cortana Search

Now you can click on your Cortana search left side given options in the following image with Search, Home, Setting, Feedback options available.


Click on the Settings options in the following image. You can change the cortana search suggestions ON or OFF.


In the following screenshot you can see Provide Feedback option with options Ideas, Likes, Dislikes and Privacy statement.


Click on the following - Home tab to view Best Match options like getting Control panel and Settings.

Controll pannel

Various Functions with Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana search options on Windows 10 have multiple task search options available for user to search various things like:

  1. Calculation & Output: In the search option type any calculation or conversion that you want to process and see result automatically.

    Example: 1 US Dollar to INR , output result will be displayed as Answer that is 66.37 INR.


  2. Calendar View: In the search option type Calendar, you can directly access the Calendar through search.


  3. Command Promt: To reach command prompt, type cmd or command and click on the Command Prompt option.

    Command Promt

  4. Video/Songs: It is very easy to search the available videos / songs / movies on your PC by typing Video or Songs.


  5. Manage Network Sharing: To reach network options , type Manage Network Sharing or network or Sharing.

    Manage Network Sharing

  6. Weather Updates: It is very easy to view Whether reports by typing Weather into search option and access Weather.


  7. Games: User who want to play the available system games can type Games and click on the available games to play.


  8. Remote Connection wizard: For IT professionals a very useful search option is Connection to others by typing Connection and clicking on Remote Connection wizard.

    Remote Connection wizard

  9. System: System related options are easily available by just typing system to view System Information or System Configuration.


  10. Reaching Applications: Cortana search assistance provide ease to search and find Applications that are installed on your PC like SQL Server Management Studio or MS office applications, PDF, Google Crome, etc.

    Reaching Applications


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