Desktop Fun: Windows 8 Wallpaper Collections Series 2


In this article I will show you the Windows 8 Wallpaper Collections Series 2. Windows 8 Wallpaper Collections bring the magic of the latest Windows system to your Desktop; this shows the second in our series. Microsoft will be releasing the final gold version of Windows 8 to manufacturers and we have the perfect set of wallpapers to help celebrate the event.

Window 8 Series 2 collection

Note: Click on the picture to see the full-size image; these wallpapers vary in size so we may need to crop, stretch, or place them on a colored background in order to best match them to the screen's resolution.

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-01.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-02.jpg

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-03.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-04.jpg

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-05.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-06.jpg

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-07.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-08.jpg

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-09.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-10.jpg 

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-11.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-12.jpg 

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-13.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-14.jpg  

windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-15.jpg   windows8-wallpaper-collection-series-two-16.jpg 

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