Install Previous Versions of the .Net Framework in Windows 8


In this article, we are going to explain how to easily install previous versions of the .Net Framework in Windows 8.

Procedure for Installing the .Net Framework

Step 1
In Windows 8 Desktop, first, we press the "Windows + R" key in our keyboard.
Step 2
The Run window opens. Then type "appwiz.cpl" into the Run box and click "OK".
Step 3
When the "Programs and Features" window opens, click on the "Turn Windows features on or off" hyperlink in the left-hand side panel.
Step 4
Now we will need to check the box to install the .Net Framework 3.5.
Step 5
The files will be downloaded from Windows Update and we will be prompted to reboot upon completion.
That's all there is to it.


In this article, we learned about Install Previous Versions of the .Net Framework in Windows 8.  

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