Install Windows 8 To VHD For Easy Dual Booting


In this article, we are going to explain how to install Windows 8 to VHD (virtual hard disk) for easy dual-booting setup. It divides our hard drive into multiple partitions, typically required for dual-booting multiple operating systems. Windows 8 provides a very easy way to try your native hardware while retaining a Windows 7 safety-net that you can return to with just a reboot.

How to install Windows 8 to VHD?

Step 1
First, we have to move on Desktop of Windows 8.
Step 2
Then we have to move on to the Start screen window of Windows 8.
Step 3
Select the shortcut key Win+c.
Step 4
Search Run in the search engine.
Step 5
Open "diskmgmt.msc" in the Run window.
Step 6
The Disk Management window in Windows 8 looks like.
Step 7
Then click on Action and select Create VHD. 
Step 8
Enter a location and name for your vhd.  I typically use c:\vhd\win8.vhd. 
Microsoft recommends a minimum of 20 GB for Windows 8 64-bit. I suggest setting the VHD disk size to at least 40 GB so you have room for apps.
Step 9
When you have your settings selected, click OK. At that point hit Shift and F10 to bring up a command prompt.
Once the command prompt is open, run the following:
select vdisk file=d:\vhd\win8.vhd
attach vdisk


In this article, we learned about Install Windows 8 To VHD For Easy Dual Booting.