Make Our Own Windows 8 Start Button With Zero Memory Usage


In this article, we are going to explain how to make our own Windows 8 start button with zero memory usage. The start button doesn't exist in Windows 8, it was a huge mistake. Here's how to make your own "Start" button that shows the Metro Start screen, but doesn't waste any memory at all. We need to do some steps to create the Start button in Windows 8.

Creating Our Own Windows 8 Start Button

Step 1
First, we'll need to start by downloading and installing AutoHotkey, and we create a new script with the new AutoHotkey script item on the context menu. Then we paste in the following code-
  1. Send, {LWin down}{LWin up}   
Step 2
Then save the script and right-click on the start and choose the compile script option, which will create an executable file.
Step 3
Right-click on the .exe and choose to Create Shortcut, and then open up the Shortcut properties screen.
Step 4
There's a Windows flag icon in there, as well as some other icons and of course, we could use any icon file here if we wanted to, including one that we've downloaded from somewhere.
Step 5
Right-click on the shortcut and select Pin to Task-bar.
Step 6
We'll notice that I chose the Metro-style Window icon, which actually looks pretty cool, but again, we can use any icon we want.
That's all there is to it; when the button is pressed, the Metro Start screen will be shown. Zero memory usage, since nothing is running in the background. In fact, we should be able to uninstall AutoHotkey at this point if we want.


In this article, we learned about Make Our Own Windows 8 Start Button With Zero Memory Usage.