Make The Legacy Desktop More Touch Friendly in Windows 8


In this article, we are going to explain how to make the legacy Desktop more touch-friendly in Windows 8. Windows 8 is very useful, looks beautiful and is well designed for use on touch displays but unfortunately, the vast majority of Windows apps still require the legacy Desktop. Using touch to control legacy apps can be a painful experience as few were ever designed for touch. The most common complaint is the interface is just too small for touching. Basic tasks such as selecting or clicking often results in the wrong item or button activated. Then we will show you how to make the legacy Desktop.
Make the entire legacy interface larger
Some basic steps to make the entire legacy interface larger.
Step 1
First, we open the Windows 8 Desktop.
Step 2
Right-click on the Desktop. The context menu will be shown. 
Step 3
Then click Screen Resolution in the context menu.
Step 4
Touch "Make text and other items larger or smaller".
Step 5
The "Display" applet opens.
Step 6
Select either "Medium - 125%" or "Larger - 150%" and hit Apply.
Step 7
Select Logoff now and log back in to see the results. 


In this article, we learned about Make The Legacy Desktop More Touch-Friendly in Windows 8.