Make Windows 8 Boot Straight to Desktop With Task Scheduler


In this article we are going to explain how to make Windows 8 boot straight to the Desktop with the Task Scheduler.

Set Task Scheduler to Boot Windows 8 Directly to the Desktop

Step 1

First we move to the Windows 8 Start Screen, then we press "Win + C" and search for the task scheduler in the search box and click the Task Scheduler icon under the search results.


Step 2

The Task Scheduler will open on the Windows 8 Desktop, then we click "Create Basic Task" under "Actions."

create-basic task-in-windows8.jpg 

Step 3

Then we type "task name" and click "Next".


Step 4

After that we set the "Trigger" to "When I Log On" and click "Next".


Step 5

Then we set the "Action" to "Start a program" and click "Next".


Step 6

For the Program/Script type: "%systemroot%\explorer.exe" then click "Next".


Step 7

The next screen should look similar to the one below. Click "Finish" and close out of the Task Scheduler.


Step 8

After the process, restart your system and log in. The Start Screen will display for a brief moment, then go directly to the Desktop with an open File Explorer window.


Step 9

Another way to boot directly to the Desktop is to install a third-party program like Classic Shell or Stardock's Start8.



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