Name Group of Apps on the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen


In this article we are going to explain how to name groups of apps on the Windows 8 Metro start screen. The Metro Start screen of Windows 8 doubtless requires some getting accustomed to, because we are missing the Start Menu, which was how I was able to categorize my installed applications. We can't create a folder in the Windows 8 start screen but we can group our applications.

The following is a procedure to create a named group of apps on the Windows 8 Metro start screen.

Step 1

First we can start a Metro start screen and move our mouse to the bottom right hand corner, and click on the icon.


Step 2

Then right-click on the group of apps that we want to name.


Step 3

This will bring up a bar at the bottom of our screen; click Name Group.


Step 4

Then we type our group name.


Step 5

If we go back to the start screen then we will see that our group of apps has been named.



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