Run Disk Cleanup to Remove Temporary Files in Windows 8


In this article, we explain how to run cleanup to remove temporary files in Windows 8. The Disk Cleanup application is very useful for Windows 8. This application is run frequently, as it removes temporary files.

Procedure to run Disk Cleanup in Windows 8

Step 1
First, we go to the Windows 8 Start Screen.
Step 2
Then open the Charms Bar and click "Search".
Step 3
Then type "cleanmgr" in the search box and click the cleanmgr icon.
Step 4
We'll be asked to select a drive.
Step 5
Then, after Windows calculates how much space we'll save, we'll see a list of options. Select one or more of them and click OK.
The cleanup process will take several minutes, and then we'll be able to take advantage of the free space immediately. More precious space on your hard drive is always better. Windows uses free space on your drive as a temporary RAM, called virtual memory. Plus, we want space on the drive for more important things, like new applications, videos, photos, and music. You can gain back gigabytes of space using Disk Cleanup. Try it out.


In this article, we learned about Run Disk Cleanup to Remove Temporary Files in Windows 8.