Share Windows 8 Apps With Other User Accounts


In this article, we explain how to share Windows Store apps with other user accounts. If we use Windows 8 and we have multiple users in the same Windows system then we need to share our purchased apps with them. To share apps between accounts, we need to change the Windows Store account to ours.

How to add a user account to Windows 8?

Step 1
First, we need to add a user, if we haven't already. We can set them up with their Microsoft Account, or we can create a Local Account. 
add-user-in-windows 8.jpg 
Step 2
If we use a family account, then we can turn on the Family Safety option.
Step 3
Share Windows Store apps by logging into the account we just created, and launch the Windows Store. After that, we press the "Win+I" shortcut key on our Desktop and bring up settings and click on the "Your account" option.
Step 4
Then click the "Change User" button.
Step 5
Or if it's a Local Account click "Sign In". Then log in with your Windows Account credentials.
Step 6
We'll also want to switch on "Always Ask for your Password when Buying an App" so no apps can be purchased without our password.
Step 7
Now we can download our apps to the user accounts you logged into. Then we press the "Win+Z" shortcut key on our Desktop and select "Your apps".
Step 8
Now we can select the Windows Store apps we want to install from your account, including apps you've installed on other systems.
One thing to keep in mind with this is, if we install a new app under your account, it doesn't sync to the others automatically. So you'll need to go through the process each time you want to share new apps.


In this article, we learned about Share Windows 8 Apps With Other User Accounts.