Windows 8 a New Look With High Contrast Mode


In this article we explain how to provide Windows 8 a cool new look with a high-contrast mode. In Windows 8, I'll show you how to make it display in High Contrast mode, which looks pretty awesome.

Procedure to change high contrast mode

Step 1

First we have to move to the Windows 8 Start Screen and then click "Control Panel".

windows8- start-screen.jpg 

Step 2

When the Control Panel window opens then scroll down and select "Ease of Access Center".


Step 3

After that we move the "High Contrast" slider to the "On" position.


Step 4

Give your system a few seconds to make the changes. When it's done here is what you'll see:


Step 5

Here are a couple of shots of what the main Metro UI looks like in High Contrast mode.