Windows Defender in Windows 8 Includes MSE


In this article, we explain that Windows Defender in Windows 8 includes Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Windows Defender virus protection will be integrated with MSE.

Procedure for Windows Defender in Windows 8 includes MSE

Step 1
The new Windows Defender will be included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Malware and virus protection included in the OS.
Step 2
If we want to install MSE on Windows 8, then we get the following message. It won't install since it has Windows Defender.
Step 3
Then we search Windows Defender in the Windows 8 search box.
Step 4
When the Windows Defender window opens, then we set a few settings that I use with Windows Defender. First, enable "Real-Time Protection". It's enabled by default, just verify the box is checked.
Step 5
We can change the following setting depending on your system setup and environment. Don't forget to save your settings.
Step 6
When we are running a scan, make sure your definitions are up to date.
Step 7
Click the "Home" Tab and run your scan.
Step 8
The amount of time it takes will vary depending on the system and the scan type you set up.
As is typical of the Microsoft naming conventions, adding MSE to Windows Defender was confusing. But at least it does have complete security protection in the OS out of the box. You don't need to download a stand-alone app.


In this article, we learned about Windows Defender in Windows 8 Includes MSE.