Official Recap of Redmond Chapter Webinar Inside Out: TDD: Using C#

C# Corner Redmond chapter announced a Webinar on Sep 23rd 2014. The webinar topic was InSide Out: TDD using C# and it was planned for Saturday 27th 8:00 am Pacific Time.

Within 3 days of the announcement 72 people registered for the event.

Redmond Chapter Webinar

Vidya Vrat Agarwal, C# Corner Redmond Chapter Leader delivered the webinar that was well received by the attendees and moderated by Sumit Jolly from New Delhi India. We had 50+ attendees who joined the live event.

The session lasted for 2 hours and a good amount of time was given for the code demo and Q&A.

The Session Agenda was mainly to cover the industrial concepts of Test Driven Development and its importance for agile development teams.


Many agile development teams are becoming more and more aligned towards TDD. This Webinar will dive deep into TDD approach, its advantages, ways of implementation etc.

  • Introduction
  • Understanding& Adapting TDD
  • Benefits of TDD
  • System Under Test (SUT)
  • But What Do I Test?
  • Properties of a Good Unit Test
  • Structure of a Unit Test
  • Code Demo

Supported article by Vidya Vrat Agarwal on Test Driven Development:
Session Recording: