How to Create Database Backup in SQL Server 2012


In this article I am going to explain how to create a database backup in SQL Server 2012. In SQL Server 2012 we use Enterprise Manager to create a database backup. The SQL Server dialog box is used to create a database backup. In this dialog box we need to provide the name and description of the database backup.  

Steps to create database backup using Enterprise Manager in SQL Server 2012

Step 1 : Start SQL Server:


Step 2 : Expand database and select database => right-click on selected database => now click on Task => then click on Back Up:


Step 3:  The Backup dialog box appears; to create a database backup:


Step 4: Now verify the database or select a different database in the database list box:


Step 5 : Now select the backup type from the backup list box. There are three type of backup:


Step 6 : Now select the backup component:


Step 7 : Now provide a name of the backup database and description:


Step 8 : Specify when the backup set will expire:


Step 9 : Specify the destination of the database. To select the destination click on the Add Button:


Step 10 : Now we see a new dialog box, click on the browse button to choose the location:


Step 11 : Now we again see a new dialog box, choose the location of the backup file and provide the name of the backup file. Then click the OK button:


Step 12 : We see that the destination path for the backup file has been selected. If it is correct then click the OK button:


Step 12 : Now click on the option to change other setting like override media, reliability or transaction log:


Step 13 : Now click on "OK " to complete the process:


Step 14 : Now you will see that the database backup has completed successfully: