Installing Ruby on Windows Platform

This article describes how to install Ruby in the Windows operating systems.


This article describes how to set up Ruby on Rails on the Windows platform.

1. Download the RubyInstaller for Windows from here.

Image 1: Ruby Installer Page

2. Now open the Downloads folder and run the Ruby installer.

Image 2: Run Ruby .exe File

3. Click “I accept the License” and click on the "Next >" Button.

Image 3: Accept License Window

4. Select the following Checkboxes as in Image 4 during Ruby installation and click Install to continue.

Image 4: Installation Instructions Window

5. Aftre completing the installation process, press the Win + R key from the keyboard to open a command prompt window and create an empty directory (for example C:\RubyRails\Ruby), then navigate to that directory and type “ruby -v” to check the version of Ruby and confirm that Ruby has been installed correctly.

Image 5: Check Ruby Version

6. If you want to execute a line of Ruby code then type the following command as in Image 6.

“ruby –e “puts ‘I am installing Ruby’”

Image 6: Run ruby -e Command

7. Type “ruby -h” command for help regarding Ruby as in Image 7.

Image 7: Run ruby -h command for Ruby Help

8. Now to start interactive Ruby type “irb” in the command prompt to execute a command as in Image 8.

Image 8: Interactive Ruby irb command

9. To exit from irb type “exit”.


In this article, we saw how to install Ruby in the Windows platform.