Installing Ruby on Windows Platform


This article describes how to set up Ruby on Rails on the Windows platform.

1. Download the RubyInstaller for Windows from here.

Image 1: Ruby Installer Page

2. Now open the Downloads folder and run the Ruby installer.

Image 2: Run Ruby .exe File

3. Click “I accept the License” and click on the "Next >" Button.

Image 3: Accept License Window

4. Select the following Checkboxes as in Image 4 during Ruby installation and click Install to continue.

Image 4: Installation Instructions Window

5. Aftre completing the installation process, press the Win + R key from the keyboard to open a command prompt window and create an empty directory (for example C:\RubyRails\Ruby), then navigate to that directory and type “ruby -v” to check the version of Ruby and confirm that Ruby has been installed correctly.

Image 5: Check Ruby Version

6. If you want to execute a line of Ruby code then type the following command as in Image 6.

“ruby –e “puts ‘I am installing Ruby’”

Image 6: Run ruby -e Command

7. Type “ruby -h” command for help regarding Ruby as in Image 7.

Image 7: Run ruby -h command for Ruby Help

8. Now to start interactive Ruby type “irb” in the command prompt to execute a command as in Image 8.

Image 8: Interactive Ruby irb command

9. To exit from irb type “exit”.


In this article, we saw how to install Ruby in the Windows platform.