Drill Down With SharePoint 2010 Chart Web Part

The following chart has data from a List with the columns Year (x-axis), Profit This Year (Series1) and ProfitLastYear (Series2):


Upon the click of any series of the chart it will redirect to the AllItems page of the list, which will have the list items by which the series has been represented in the graph. We can redirect to any page to show the drill down of the data for the chart.


To do the drill down you need to proceed with the following steps.

Click on the Data & Appearance Hyperlink of the chart webpart as shown below which will redirect to the Data Connection & Chart Appearance Wizards.



Upon the click of Customize your Chart will redirect to the Chart Customization Wizard.

When the Step-3 Chart element is clicked the properties will expand four options on click of the Hyper links and Tool tip.

It will show a drop down with the series options which are in our chart; on select of the first series we need to mention the series hyper link (Which will cause redirection to the Allitem.aspx on click of the particular series. We can redirect to any page where we want to represent the chart data. For example I have used AllItem.aspx of a list). Which is as shown below:


To show the items of a list with which particular a series has been represented in the chart we need to pass the filtername and filter value. In the Hyper link as


To pass the filtername and filtervalue in the query string we need to use the following keywords which will get data from the Chart Properties, like series name and data points where we have clicked.
KeywordValue from SeriesData Value
#VALXX values of the data pointData Point
#VAL, #VALY, #VALY2, #VALY3, ...Y values of the data point.Data Point
#SERIESNAMESeries name.Series
#LABELData point label.Data point
#AXISLABELAxis data point label.Data point

The More Keywords can found here.

This is how we can achieve the Drill Down with SharePoint 2010 Chart Web Part.

Hope it will help.


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