Add Drop Caps in Word 2013

When reading books, novels and newspapers you often notice that new chapters start with the first letter larger than the others. This is called Drop Caps that gets the attention of readers and improves the appearance of the document.

Use the following to use the Drop Caps feature in Word 2013.

Step 1

Open your Word document that you want to apply Drop Caps to and click on the "Insert" Tab.


Step 2

Now within the "text" group, click on the "Drop Cap" button. That will open a drop down menu with various types of drop caps. Select one to be applied to your document.


Step 3

After selecting a drop cap word automatically add it to the selected paragraph.


Step 4

You can change the size of the drop cap by clicking on it until the four arrow icon appears and expand or shrink it to change the size of the drop cap.


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