Advanced Disk Defragmentation in Windows 8


The Disk Defragmentation feature is available in all versions of Windows, but Windows 7 has many new features in comparison to Windows Vista and XP. The Advanced Disk Defragmentation feature is one of them and just as for Windows 7, Windows 8 also has the same easy to use common Disk Defragmentation tools through the command line. In this article, I will describe how to perform advance Disk Defragmentation in Windows 7 and Windows 8.
For doing that follow these steps.
Step 1
Start your Windows 8 installed system.
Step 2
Open the Run dialog box by using Win + R and type Cmd then press Enter or click on the OK button.
Step 3
Type "defrag command" (without quotes) in the command-line tool.
Now I am going to describe some common options used with the defrag command to perform defragmentation.
  • defrag –a     Performs the disk defrag analysis
  • defrag  /r    Defrags multiple drives simultaneously
  • defrag –v     Prints the defrag results
  • defrag –w    Defrags each and every thing
  • defrag C: -v –w    Defrags the whole C drive
Step 4
Here I have run the command "defrag -a C:" as an example.
 defrag-a command-in-windows8.jpg


In this article, we learned about Advanced Disk Defragmentation in Windows 8.