Change Font's Default Styles in Word 2013

Microsoft Word has default settings for a document's fonts. But sometimes you need to change the default font's settings according to your requirements. That is possible in Word 2013. By default the font of a document is Calibri.

To change the default setting of fonts do the following.

Step 1

Click on the "Home tab" and move into the "font group".


Step 2

Now click on the "expand" button of the Font group. Then the Main font dialog box will be opened.


Step 3

Change the default font by changing font, Font style and Size within the font window and see all the changes in the preview window.


Step 4

Click on the "Text Effect" button; a new window will be opened.


Step 5

Within the Text Effect "customize" window are the text effects of font Effects. that can be used to set properties like Text fill, Text Outline and apply various colors. Then click on the "Ok" button to apply the effect.


Step 6

You can also configure the "Advance" setting of fonts by just clicking on the Advance tab within the font window.


Step 7

After setting your desired font's style click on the Set As Default button. It will open a dialog box; now enable "All documents based on Normal.dotm" and click "OK" to apply the font setting.


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