Change Image Effect in Word 2013

Change Image by applying effect

When you insert an image into your Word document, sometimes you also need to modify it. Word 2013 has several good features for changing images or in other words Microsoft Word is a good editor of images. You can do various operations on an image like insert, compress, change color, picture corrections, picture styles, change position and several other operations. Use picture tools to modify your images. All features regarding images are present in the Picture tool.

Use the following to change an image in a Word document.

Step 1

First of all insert a picture into your Word document using the "Insert Tab".


Step 2

You can also insert an online picture.


Step 3

Now select the inserted picture, then the "Picture tool" will be shown:


Step 4

Go to the "Format" tab and select "Picture Effect".


Step 5

Choose an effect from the drop down list. By selecting your desired Picture Effect from the drop down list, that effect will be applied to your picture as you need.


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