Create and Delete Table in Word 2013

A table consists of horizontal rows and vertical columns with a cell at every intersection. And you can format the table according to your requirements. The top row of a table is reserved for the table's header.

Create a Table

Creating a table in Word 2013 is very easy. Do the following to create a table.

Step 1

Open Word 2013 and put your mouse pointer where you want to create a table.


Step 2

Click the Insert tab, and choose the Table button. This option displays a simple grid when your mouse pointer hovers over the grid cells, it makes the table in the table which appear in the document.

You can make your desired table by hovering the mouse pointer over the grid in the form of rows and columns.


Step 3

Your table is inserted in your Word document. Now click the square representing the lower-right corner of your table; Word goes into a table design mode that provides several options for working with the table.

table-in-word 2013.jpg

Step 4

This step is optional, use only when you want to create a fancy table. Click the table style button and select more options. And click your own desired table style.


Step 5

Now you will see the stylish table in your document.

stylish-table-in-word 2013.jpg

Delete table

Deleting a table in Word 2013 is also very simple. Do the following to do that.

Step 1

Click the existing table in your Word document.

Step 2

Go to the Layout Tab and choose the delete table button and click over delete table option. It deletes the entire table from the document.

delete-table-option-in-word 2013.jpg

Note: Now the entire table is deleted from your Word document.

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