Create Macro in Word 2013

When you write a long document in a Word 2013, it is possible that you must repeat the same text over and over again, and this process (writing the same text) can consume a lot of time, so Microsoft Word provides the feature to relieve you from doing that and save time. This feature is called Macros. To use this feature you just need to record a macro to do your repetitive work in Word 2013 and use it over and over in the future.

To implement a macro use the following procedure.

Step 1

Open you Word document and click on the "View Tab".


Step 2

Now click on the "Macros drop down list "and choose "Record Macro".


Step 3

Write the Proper name of the macro within the Macro Name text box and click on the "Keyboard" button to add a Shortcut key for the macro (use this shortcut key later to run the macro).


Step 4

Enter the combination of keys of the shortcut, like Alt + Ctrl + O and then click on the "Assign" button.


Step 5

Now write the text that you need to repeat. For example:


Step 6

After writing the text you need to "Stop recording Macros"; for this go to the "View" Tab and choose "Stop recording" within the Macros group.


Note : you can also "pause" the macro and later resume.

Step 7

Now you can execute the recorded macro by using the shortcut key or use "Run" in the macros drop down list.


Note: Now save your document with the macro to retrieve your document with the macro later.

Save document with macro

Step 1

Click on the "File" tab and choose "Save as".


Step 2

Within the "Save as" window choose "Word Macro-Enabled Document" in the Save as type drop down list.


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