Create User Entry Form in Word 2013

Add a Developer Tab to Ribbon in Word 2013

Word 2013 has some good features which could help you to create a document with a drop down list, check box, combo box and so many other Content Controls which could help you to design a form.

To insert Content Control in your Word document, add a hidden developer Tab to the Ribbon.

Step 1

Go to the "File Tab" and choose "Options".


Step 2

Choose "Customize Ribbon Tab".


Step 3

Choose "Developer" from "Customize the Ribbon column". The Developer Tab will be added to the Ribbon.


Design the User Entry Form

Step 1

Now write a simple user entry form in Word 2013.


Step 2

Add the Content Control that satisfies the user entry form reuirements. Click on the  "Developer tab" and go to the "Control group" to select the appropriate control. For example I have added a "Rich text box" for entering the name of the user, 2-2 Radio buttons for asking Gender information and martial status.


Step 3

Add a drop down list for choosing occupation and add a different choice. For this select drop down list and choose "Properties" and use the "add" button for adding choices to your drop down list.


Step 4

Add a Text Box for entering the user Email; to do that click on the "Insert tab" and choose "text box" from the" text" group.


Step 5

Now add Date Picker Content Control to choose the date of birth. And change the property of the date picker control to enter a date in your desired format. To change the property select Date Picker control  and click on the properties then select your desired format of date.


Note: Finally the user entry form looks like this:


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