Functional Resume Template in Word 2013

Everyone knows that having a good and professional resume helps us to find a good job. But writing a good resume takes a lot of effort. These problems are easily solved by Microsoft Office 2013 which helps you to create professional resumes using the Office 2013 Resume Templates.

The resumes are a special kind of resume that focuses on skills. It is good for those who:

  1. Have a gap between their educations and their work experiences.
  2. Their career objectives are different from their education and skills
  3. Which have been unemployed for a long time.

This kind of resume mainly focus on the person's skills.

Word 2013 helps you to create this type of resume by using functional resume templates that contain good explanations for each part.

Use a functional resume template to do the following.

Step 1

Click on the "File Tab" and Choose "New option".


Step 2

Enter "resume" in the search online template and click on Enter.


Step 3

Now see the page shown with various resume templates; choose the "functional resume" template.


Step 4

Now click on the "create" button in the opened window.


Step 5

A functional resume template opens in Word 2013.


Note: See, a functional resume template has the 4 major parts, and every part has a good explanation to complete each part of the template.

Heading part: All contact information will be contained in this part

Objectives part: An optional part which includes the job title of the career that you seek

Qualification part: Contains education, skills and abilities without including your job experiences

Experience's part: This part is for demonstrating all experiences, even the volunteer and none of the job related experiences

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