Header and Footer in Word 2013

Sometimes you want to provide a professional look and feel for your Word document by customizing your document's header and footer. Like logo image, date, page number or other text element.

Suppose you want to add a date to every page of your document, then insert the date into the header portion of the document that is shown on all pages.

To create headers and footers use the following procedure.

Step 1

Open Word and click on the "Insert" tab.


Step 2

Now click on the "Header" button within the header & footer group and choose your desired layout; if it is not present then download it from office.com.


Step 3

Now use the "design" command to add the useful information such as picture, data, text etc.


Note: To automatically update the date and time, check the check box "Update automatically".

Step 4

To customize the header and footer, various options are available within the "option" group of the design command. They are:

  1. Different first page: Use for changing the header and footer of the first page.
  2. Different odd and even page: Use to make the header and footer different for odd and even pages.


Step 5

You can also set the space for header and footer using the "Position" group.


Step 6

You can also navigate among pages and go to a footer or header.


Note: Follow the same procedure to add a footer to your document.

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