How To Disable Network Discovery In Windows 8


When you want to transfer data in Windows XP in a network you must first make the commotion of manually entering the source location; in other words, the IP address of the system in the network to share the data. But in Windows 7 and Windows 8, there is a new Network Discovery feature, that allows the user to see all client systems in the network. When this feature is on then you can easily share a file or data in a network. And when you want to restrict access to other clients then turn Network Discovery off. By default, this feature is on (enabled). So this article describes how to disable the Network Discovery feature in  Windows 8 and Windows 7.
For Windows 7
Go to the control panel and choose the Large Icons Option from the View by category.
For Windows 8
Step 1
First of all open the Start Screen.
Step 2
Enter the control panel in the Search Box. The Control Panel app will be shown.
Step 3
Double-click on the Control Panel App. Then the All Control Panel Items window opens.
Step 4
Choose the Network and Security Centre option in the All Control Panel items window.
Step 5
Choose the Change Advanced Sharing Settings option.
Step 6
Check the turn off network discovery option. Now your computer is not disabled on the network.


In this article, we learned about How To Disable Network Discovery In Windows 8.