Insert Image Caption in Word 2013

Insert Image Caption in Word 2013

When you write a long image in Word for a picture then the document must be accessible and organized. So organizing the document is one of the most useful features to insert a caption which helps you to insert the cross-referencing features.

Do that using the following.

Step 1

Open your Word document that has the picture.


Step 2

Now select the picture by clicking it and choose the Reference Tab.


Step 3

Click on the Insert Caption button.


Step 4

The Caption window will open where you set various options by choosing a label and choosing the desired position.


Step 5

By clicking on New Label you can create a new label and choose a label name and you can also change the numbering by clicking on the Numbering button.


Step 6

After choosing your desired format click on the Ok button to insert the caption.


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