Insert Mirrored or Flipped Text in Word 2013

Microsoft Word also provides the feature by which you can insert text mirrored or flipped. To do that you need to rotate the text and that rotated text looks like it is in a mirror.

Use the following procedure to insert text that appears mirrored into Word 2013.

Step 1

First of all open Word 2013 in your system.

Step 2

Now you have to insert text into a textbox to be transformed. So to insert text into a textbox click on the "Insert" Tab and choose "Textbox".


Step 3

Enter the text into the textbox and click on the "Format" tab.


Step 4

Now right-click on the "Rotate" option to get the dropdown list.


Step 5

Select your desired option to rotate or flip the text.

Step 6

To get the mirrored text, click on the "Flip to vertical" option.


Note: You can rotate text to a particular angle by selecting "More Rotation Options" and specifying the angle in degrees in the "Rotate Size" tab.


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